Monday, July 27, 2009

Where the Pros Go

Calumet, it's where the pros go, and it's where I went today. Since moving to Illinois I've picked up quite an expensive hobby. It's called Photography.

Today, I spent a good chunk of the day driving to and from Chicago, with Peter, on a mission to find a small, compact camera bag. Chicago is about an hour drive from my place so I was really hopeful that they would have the bag I was looking for. Well, Lady Luck must have been on my side today because I found the last one I was looking for! I quickly scooped it up and paid for it as Peter walked around and checked out some lenses.

I had originally left my house only intending to come back with a camera bag, BUT since it took so long, we thought we should spend more time at Calumet... so we did. As Peter tried out some lenses, I took the opportunity to spend more money. I was in the market for a tripod and found a Calumet brand one. I tooled around with it a bit and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it came with a 3-way head and a quick release (this probably means nothing to non-photographers). I took it up to the cash register to ask how much it was and found out that, through student discount, it was a low $65. I whipped out the debit card once again (notice that it is debit and NOT credit) and gladly paid for it.

After leaving Calumet I felt inspired to use my camera, hence the picture above. Peter and I wanted to head downtown to take some pictures, but since it was getting late and traffic was piling up, we decided to head back to the 'burbs and call it a day.

So within the past few weeks I've been blessed with the opportunity to pick up some new toys. Don't worry, most of this is used and was found through the wondrous craigslist. Kudos to you Craig! That small bag on the right is what I drove all the way to Chicago for, but I'm happy I got it. It fits all the equipment I need, and quite frankly it doesn't make me look odd when I walk around with it. I'm sure most of you don't care about the equipment, so just know that it makes me happy.

Anyways, my day ended with lots of food thanks to Old Country Buffet. As a note to readers (if there are any), my entries will typically not be like this one.

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