Monday, July 27, 2009


Hello all! Welcome to my blog! I'm not really sure how you found it, or what it is you're interested in reading about, but I hope you enjoy my random rants and photos to go along with them.

Why did I start a blog?
In my community group (better known as a small group to some) here in Illinois, we've all been challenged to look deeper into our own lives by journaling. Our goal of journaling is not to look back on old entries to reminisce on good and bad times in life, but to really examine ourselves in our walk with God. I absolutely love the idea of it, and with only one week of our journaling having past, I've already gained a lot of insight on who I am with God. However, those journal entries are semi-private. If you were hoping to find some juicy knowledge about Mark Villasenor through this blog, I'm sorry to say that you won't find it here.

What you will find here are sections of those journal entries. Through photos, pictures, and some words you'll see bits and pieces of my life and my progression in Christ.

Why is this entry called "Challenges"?
I mainly started this blog as a challenge to myself. Since picking up photography I've grown in love with my surroundings and in awe of God's power. I would like to post a few times a week with photos to document the day. I hope that this blog will serve well alongside my personal journal and simply let you, as the reader, know how my life has been going!

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